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  • Remove
  • Open
  • Prevent

STAIN DROP products are made to help pool owners Diagnose pool stains, Remove pool stains, Open a stain-free pool and Prevent future pool stains. Three stain-fighting formulas and two preventative products make the process simple, yet very effective.


STAIN DROP products are formulated, blended and packaged in the USA. We maintain strict quality control methods to ensure that each and every drop of STAIN DROP will be at its peak performance when it reaches the consumer. STAIN DROP is only available at authorized professional dealers.


If you're visiting this website, it's probably because you're dealing with a tough pool stain, so you probably understand the challenges of pool surface stains. STAIN DROP knows this too. That's why we've created an easy-to-follow program.


Diagnosing the right stain removal products is the first step to removing your pool stain.

The STAIN REMOVAL VERIFICATION (S.R.V.) KIT contains three pouches of stain removal products used to perform surface tests. If you follow the instructions on the test, you’ll be able to determine which of the STAIN DROP stain removal products will be the right choice for your particular stains. The tests take less than an hour and the results will save you the headache of misdiagnosing your stain.

Step 2. REMOVE

If you’ve hesitated to deal with your pool stains because of the cost and hazard of acid-washing, STAIN DROP may be right for you.

Once you’ve determined the correct removal products using the S.R.V. KIT, you can safely and affordably treat your pool stains on your own. The three stain-removal products within STAIN DROP work individually or together to remove nearly every type of non-organic stain. As surface stains are lifted, STAIN DROP’s two preventative products trap water-borne metals allowing your filter to remove them.

The stain removal process will require you to adjust your water balance within specific ranges. You will also need to bypass your heater, ionizer and salt generator during treatment. Consult your local pool professional or MST for alternative sanitizing methods during the 2-14 day treatment.

The STAIN DROP stain removal products are designed to remove pool surface stains below the water’s surface. Avoid contact of these products with decking, concrete, wood or metal surfaces above the surface. Etching or staining may occur.

Step 3. OPEN

For new pool construction, especially plaster or concrete construction, consult with your builder or materials supplier before beginning any stain removal or prevention programs.

If you’re performing a typical seasonal pool opening, now is the time to add a stain preventative to your normal routine. STAIN DROP All Purpose and All Purpose XpH are proven chemistries that effective prevent typical pool stains. Whether you’re looking for a traditional stain preventative or a phosphate-free option, STAIN DROP has you covered.

Both All Purpose and All Purpose XpH can be dosed to remove light staining as well.

Typical opening dosage is 1 Qt /10,000 gallons, with a small weekly or even monthly maintenance dosage depending on the amount of metals present in your pool water and source water.


“Stain prevention is hard.”

- Nobody

Stain prevention is really at the heart of STAIN DROP. Pool stains are typically created because small quantities of metals enter the pool through source water, equipment or piping corrosion, or a contamination event.

Continuous use of an effective stain preventative product like STAIN DROP All Purpose or All Purpose XpH will act like an insurance policy against stains. Both products work to continuously sequester (tie up) metals before the can begin the process of creating a stain. The old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention…’ could not be more true… but it’s closer to 8 oz.


There are steps you can take to prevent stains that you are probably already doing.

Maintaining proper water balance helps avoid stain events. Stain events happen when pool water is out of balance due to a spike in one or more of the balance elements. If any trace metal is in the water at that time of an imbalance in water balance, metals can become more attracted to the pool surface and become ‘plated’ onto the pool floor or wall.

Water imbalance can occur during chlorine additions, pH adjustments or other chemical adjustments. To avoid these spikes or imbalance events, chemical additions can be divided into smaller, periodic doses. Also, the introduction of a borate to your pool’s water can effectively reduce the peaks and valleys of water balance.

Borates are a favorite additive of STAIN DROP Master Stain Technicians (MSTs) due to their buffering properties. The multi-functional nature of borates allow them to ‘take up the slack’ of many water balance products. By performing so many water balance tasks, borates reduce the amount of other chemical additions - reducing cost and saving time.