The STAIN REMOVAL VERIFICATION (S.R.V.) KIT is here to save time and money.

Pool stains and scale can be tough to treat and often even tougher to identify. If you're comparing your pool stain to one you've see on-line or based on a 'stain color chart' than you may be setting yourself up for a costly and time-consuming mistake.

Stains can be created from a variety of sources:

  • Source-water metals
  • Leaves and organic debris (tannins)
  • Inorganic debris
  • Algae and Mold

Many stain and scale issues can look similar to one another. Identifying a surface stain simply by its appearance is not enough.You need to VERIFY which stain removal product is right for your stain. The STAIN DROP S.R.V. KIT is specifically designed to not only show you which products will best remove your pool stains, but will show you how effective the stain removal will be.

The STAIN DROP S.R.V. KIT uses four topical (pool surface) tests using three proven stain-removing products to determine the correct stain-removing product(s) to remove your pool stain. To perform these tests, a portioned amount of each product(s) is poured directly onto the pool stain. For ease of access and visibility, swim-outs, shallows or steps* are convenient locations to perform tests. If the stain(s) are located in water 3 ft. deep or deeper, S.R.V. products should be first poured into a dosing pouch (included in kit) and then ‘Stain-Dropped’ onto stained area.

The products in the S.R.V. Kit target very specific types of stains. After completing all of the tests, you'll be able to determine which product(s) will be best suited to remove your specific pool stains. Go to REMOVE POOL STAINS to learn more about stain removal.  

* Removable steps and/or steps that have a different finish than the overall pool surface should not be tested. S.R.V. products may
perform differently on these surfaces.