Q. I did the process exactly as the directions say and it did not work? Why?

Assuming the directions were followed and there was a positive result from the S.R.V. Kit (Stain Removal Verification Kit),  There are some reasons the process might have failed to perform to expectation:

The water balance (pH, TA, CH, CL, TDS & CYA) may have changed between the S.R.V. testing and removal process?

The removal process was not allowed to run until completion. Some difficult stains may take up to 14 days to be removed. In very rare cases, some stains linger up to 30 days.

The pump was not running continuously.


Q. Why didn't I get a result using any of the SRV Kit products?

Check water chemistry. Make sure all the parameters are met before performing tests.

Possible Hydration issues. Area tested may lighten up in 24-48 hours. If no positive lift of stain, but 1-2 days later stain lightens SRV Kit has confirmed hydration.


Q. Can I had add all the product to treat a pool at one time?

Yes. Add the product only after the pool water balance parameters are met. Follow directions exactly in order as stated in directions.


Q. Instead of treating the whole pool, can’t I just treat the discoloration or stained area?

This is not recommended in most situations. Treating a spot or one small area can result in another spot, lighter or darker area creating another problem. It is possible to spot-treat, especially with help from your STAIN DROP Master Stain Technician (MST). Do not leave stain removal products in contact with pool surfaces for extended periods of time to avoid etching and surface damage.


Q. I can’t by-pass the heater on my pool. How can I do Stain Removal Treatment #2?

You can use a separate pump and filter system and place the equipment on the pool deck. You may also conside cutting out the heater and re-plumb after treatment. This may seem extreme, but replumbing a small section of PVC pipe is much less hastle and cost compared to replacing a damaged heater.


Q: I turned my heater off - is it now bypassed?

No, unless your heater has a bypass valve, water will still flow through it.  Do not begin a treatment with Stain Remover #2, unless your heater is bypassed because very low pH water will be travelling through the heater for an extended period of time potentially causing permanent damage.


Q: Why does the water temperature of the pool or spa have to be 60+ degrees?

Anything below 60 degrees will slow down the dissolving rate of the granular products and make them less effective.


Q. With the SRV Kit, I was able to remove most, but not all of the stain in my pool. Will the full removal program completely remove the stain?

When everything is done correctly, the degree of stain removal you get from the SRV is what you should expect from the full removal program.


Q. I saw a stain picture on the Internet that looked a lot like my pool stain.  Can't I just skip the SRV kit and use the Stain Drop removal products?

If we've learned anything, its that the internet is full of fake news. The SRV Kit has been developed to accurately verify what will best remove a pool or spa stain, saving you both time and money.  Diagnosing a stain solely from a picture on the Internet may waste both time and money - and you may still be left with the stain.


Q.  I used a few pounds less of the Stain Drop removal product than recommended, and the stain is not completely lifted after one day.  Is it ok to add more product?

Yes, as long as your removal program is in the early stages (first day for Stain #1, first 1-3 days for Stain #2).