STAIN DROP products are formulated to Diagnose, Remove, Open, and Prevent. The preventative products, STAIN DROP ALL PURPOSE and ALL PURPOSE XpH are two of the most powerful, longest-lasting, broad-spectrum products available. Both tie up metals in solution in unique ways while being tolerant to high chlorine.

If you're looking for stain preventative products, look no further than STAIN DROP, but prevention takes many forms.

Here are a few techniques for stain prevention you can do on your own:

  • Remove contaminants and debris
    • Vacuum your pool manually
    • Use an automatic pool cleaner
    • Brush your pool surfaces
    • Empty your skimmer basket
    • Consistently operate and maintain your filter
    • Adjust return jets to avoid 'dead spots' in water and on surface


  • Check your balance (Click here to see how you're doing)
    • Improper water balance can lead to staining, especially scale
    • Improper water balance can also lead to etching.
    • Metals find a home at high pH
      • Avoid extended periods of pH swings
    • Adding a borate to your routine to help balance 'bounce'


  • Check your equipment
    • Older equipment may have exposed metal that is subject to corrosion
    • Copper pipes are made of copper, which can corrode in low pH
    • Light rings, drains and other decorative chrome pieces are often pre-plated with copper
    • Never ask a lady her age... but...
      • ... if your liner or pool surface is getting old, its more susceptible to stains, cracks or other damage


  • Self-inflicted stains
    • A short chlorine floater will often find a home just above a top step or walk-out
      • Try a taller float, or tie your float to different areas throughout your pool
    • Some copper algaecides may cause copper stains
    • Chlorine shocks can bleach if not brushed after settling
    • Don't use your pool as a wishing well
      • Metals stains from coins, screws, hair clips or other fallen objects can cause exceptionally stubborn stains
    • Measure your pool. Maybe the previous homeowner passed along bad info. Your chemical adds might be throwing your pool out of whack!

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