Powerful dry formula for lifting stubborn copper stains.

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  • Works in conjunction with other STAIN DROP removal products to lift stubborn copper stains.


  • See downloadable PDF instructions below for complete treatment
  • Do not treat with STAIN DROP No2 unless water temp is at least 60 F and heater, ionizer and salt cell is bypassed
  • Typical treatment is 2 -14 days
  • Circulate the pool continuosly during treatment
  • Lower pH with acid or 6lbs dry pH decreaser
  • Add 5lbs STAIN DROP No3 at a rate of 5lbs per 10,000 gallons. Wait 20 minutes before continuing to next step
  • Add 1lb STAIN DROP No2 per 1,000 gallons pool water. Brush to ensure product is dissolved
  • Add 1 Qt STAIN DROP ALL PURPOSE or ALL PURPOSE XpH per 15,000 gallons pool water
  • After treatment, begin to readjust pH and alkalinity by adding bicarbonate-based alkalintiy increaser at a rate of no more than 4lbs per 10,000 gallons every 8 hours
  • During treatment, chlorine levels can be maintained around 1ppm, but avoid superchlorination or chlorine shocking

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